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With Ekalab you can be sure to find the most innovative production technologies and a wide range of packaging ideas, ranging from products in liquid, solid and powder form.


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Food supplements in liquid form are our specialty.
We prepare them with phytocomplexes derived from fresh Italian medicinal plants, following all the production phases, from cultivation, spontaneous harvesting and processing.

The forms of our liquid food supplements are:

  • concentrated extracts (aqueous, alcoholic, hydroglycerin)
  • syrups
  • suspensions
  • emulsions

Packaging ranges from 10 ml up to a litre in PET bottles or in glass.

Powders and granulates

Over the years we have greatly improved our powder products, both in the sports and in the nutraceutical sector.

  • Powder mixtures
  • Granules

These products can be packaged, as required, in bottles of 750 ml to 8000 ml, in single-dose sachets or packs with a starting capacity of 500g.

Choose the packaging for the powder and granulate format


Ekalab also offers a wide range of solid-format products

  • Capsules and soft gels
  • Tablets and Granules
  • Chewable tablets

These products can be packaged, as required, in a pill box, in sachets or in blister packs in cartons.

Certification Iso 9001

Certification  Halal

Certification Good Manufacturing Practice

Certification Biological